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Maz Premium Lightsaber

Customize your Lightsaber 

  • Smooth swing

  • 11 LED blade colors

  • Connect two sabers for a double-bladed lightsaber
    without a coupler

  • Flash on clash

  • 6 Sound fonts + silent mode

  • 1 year warranty & 30-day money back guarantee

  • Strong enough for heavy dueling


1 x handle
1 x blade
1 x USB charging line

Lightsaber Specifications
Material: Metal handle, PC blade
Size: Handle 12.8 inch(32.5cm) blade 32.28 inch(82cm),total length 45 inch (114.5cm)
Blade outer diameter:25.4mm(1 inch)
Handle color: Silver
Color of blade: 11colors

Charging: USB fast charging
Charging time:4-8hours
Charging Voltage:5V(MAX)
Battery:18650 3.7V Battery 1200mah
LED: 12Watts RGB LED with 11colors
Materials: Hilt made by Frosted Aluminium alloy.blade made by Light Diffusion PC

Removable main body
Customers can take down the main body to check the whole electronics. It can do repairing and changing the battery.

Removable Pommel(connect without a coupler)
Removable pommel not just pommel but also a coupler to join two sabers into one double blade lightsaber. You can take down the pommel of one saber and connect the main body to another saber’s pommel directly.


1. Hold the button down for 10second to awaken the lightsaber from deep sleep mode.

2. Turning your saber ON: press the button in the hilt; OFF press and hold.

3.Lightsaber effects (when the lightsaber is on):
Blaster sound – tap the button
Lock up a loop – hold the button down for 1second and release your finger. Then tap the button to active lock up. Tap again to end the lock-up loop.
Flash-on-clash – the lightsaber will automatically flash white and emit a sound when it hits something.

4.Selecting Colors:
Hold the button down for 2second and release your finger. Hold the button down again to changing colors. Release your finger to select the colors you prefer. And tap button again to end the color-changing loop. If you hold down the button again, it will still change colors.

5.Changing Sound Fonts:
When the lightsaber is off, press and hold the button until you hear the confirmation sound. Repeat to cycle through the sound fonts. Each sound font has a different confirmation sound.

· Strong enough for medium to heavy dueling. Has flash-on-clash effect for realistic lightsaber duels
· Ultra loud sound volume and bright LED lights
· Removable blade – use the tool provided to loosen the screws in the hilt.
· This lightsaber has an infinite color with a thousand kinds of colors.
· Removable battery if you take down the main body.
· Sensitive swing and clash sound like the real lightsaber.
· Can connect two lightsabers directly into one double blade lightsaber.