Many quizzes and games are made such as “what lightsaber color I am " and What lightsaber color are you and saber staff". The lightsaber was featured in the star wars movies for the first time. It was a fictional movie and the lightsaber is displayed as a flashing laser sword used by the Jedi, Sith as a weapon. Playing with the flashing sword is enjoyed by everyone for its sound and light emission when it clashes. But does anyone know why specific colors are chosen by Jedi and Sith? The star wars have mentioned different colors that resemble different meanings. The Myerbrigs personality test in the USA helps the users or respondents to know the color of the lightsaber that defines their personality.  

Green color

This color is considered to be the wisest one that can easily match with anyone. Conflicts are handled peacefully, plan strategically, and then fight.  The green crystals are attributed to Jedi.

Red color

They are the managers and take an interest in bringing people together. A particular task is completed by connecting people and managing them, similar to Sith who brought people over to the dark side. This is a leader type personality. The red color represents the dark side of the force.

Blue color

The color symbolizes protection, justice, and the people with this color struggle hard to find something good in the world. The people who fight against the dark are symbolized by this color.

Yellow color

They are security guards as per the ISFJ personality types. They protect the ones they swear by.

Purple color

This personality is vibrant and clear. They are known to be commanders as per the ENTJ personality test. They are great leaders with a bold, strong-willed personality

Orange color

Red and yellow make orange and it is associated with someone who can be trusted and counted upon.

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